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Small Business Security Guards
The Benefits of Securing Your Business

As a small business owner, there are many realities you must face. These range from employees to inventory difficulties. However, one of the most widespread issues countless small businesses face is that of theft. Whether this is internal theft by employees or a burglary, millions of small businesses are targets for thieves. While you may not be able to prevent crime, maintaining tight security is often the most effective way to thwart costly security breaches. Even though hiring a security guard can be an excellent way to secure your business, it’s important that all business owners assess the real world benefits of bringing a security guard aboard before making a final decision.

Benefit #1 : Establishing an Overall Security Presence

While it may seem too good to be true, by simply having a trained security guard at your business can provide an overwhelming peace of mind for not only the business owner, but also for customers and employees. Workers who are employed in a high-risk business, such as at a bank or retail store, are far more productive and confident that they are safe if a security guard is present. Customers also feel the benefits of having an active security guard at the business. Having a security guard ensures customers they are safe and can relax throughout their shopping experience. Obtaining a security guard may be especially beneficial for businesses who specialize in high-end products or are located in notoriously high-crime areas.

Benefit #2 : Crime Prevention

The best way to handle a crime is to stop it from happening in the first place. As millions of business owners already understand, simply having a security guard acts as an excellent crime prevention tactic. Thieves are wary of businesses who have a uniformed guard posted inside or outside of the business. Not only does their presence act as a preventative agent, but security guards are trained to spot potential threats. Having a security guard as a greeter into your business benefits your business in two ways. The first is deterring thieves and the second is having trained eyes ready to spot a potential or real threat to the safety of your business, employees and customers.

Benefit #3: Instant Crime Response

Trained security guards are able to handle a variety of crimes. The ability to intercept and swiftly act when a crime takes place can mean the difference of apprehending the criminals or having them escape with their bounty in hand. Of course, there are various levels of security guard services capable of handling a variety of apprehension and crime handling. When you hire a trained and licensed security guard from a well-known security company, you can rest assured that if a crime does occur the guard is able to instantly spring into action and perform the necessary tasks to handle the criminal.

How to Create a Family
Security Action Plan

If you’re like millions of others throughout the United States, your family is the most important possession you have. Because of this, many are willing to go above and beyond to ensure their safety and security at home. While you may desire pure security, the world is a dangerous place and many unforeseen circumstances are looming around the corner. Although you may not be able to control the outside world, you do have control over your safety within the home. The following are created to help keep your home safe from invaders and others seeking to do harm to your family or property.

Creating a Family Security Action Plan

Perhaps one of the most effective ways you can actively keep your family safe while at home is to establish a thorough action plan. Much like in the business world, where an action plan is created to help navigate employees throughout specific tasks or to meet specific goals, a family security action plan accomplishes the same goal.

The heart of any family security action plan is establishing protocols for specific, yet common, events. For example, what is your plan when you and your family go to the shopping mall? Do you have a communication method established? What happens when one person of the family becomes dislodged from the others? Where is the common meeting space?

Remember, a family action plan doesn’t just mean to plan events that occur within the home. Rather, it’s meant to provide full coverage on your families safety in and out of the home.

The first step when cultivating such a plan is to create a list of regular activities. Does your family go to the park? Where? What about shopping? Where does this take place? Once you have these elements fleshed out, then you can begin building the structure of this plan.

The specifics within your family security action plan are unique based upon your location and the activities your family takes part in. When it comes to the home, what are your plans when faced with an emergency? For example, an intruder breaks into the home while your family is in it. Where will they go? Do you have a designated safe space? What about a neighbors house? Establishing the various protocols within an action plan requires a full understanding of what scenarios may be presented.

Lastly, after you’ve created an action plan, you must practice it with your family. Just because you have a security plan written out does not mean your family knows what to do when an actual emergency takes place. Rehearse your action plan several times to ensure everyone has a full understanding of what to do should an emergency situation arise.

Home Security for the
Holiday Season

While the holiday season is a joyful time for millions, criminals also find joy in this time of year. For a criminal, the holiday season is a prime opportunity to find success in their goals. Because homes are generally outfitted with more possessions during this gift-giving season, burglars are primed to break into your home and take what Santa worked so hard to create throughout the past year.

When your safeguarding your home, make sure you begin to think how a criminal thinks. By understanding what they look for, your able to empathise with a burglar in such a way you can effectively erode your home so its not an easy target.

The first thing to look for is to make sure your Christmas tree is not located in the front of a window. This literally acts like a beacon to criminals who see a Christmas tree and immediately know you likely have valuables within arms reach.

Because families tend to travel more during the holiday season, criminals seek out homes that look like they’ve been vacant for several days. For example, holiday lights that remain on even during the daytime and newspapers piled up in the driveway. They may even check your mailbox to see if your home as a full box tends to mean you’ve been away for several days. Before going out of town, see if a neighbour or a friend can come by your home to pick up newspapers, mail and to turn off and on your holiday and porch lights.

When you have family or friends staying with you, its easy to think your safe by hiding a spare house key under a rug or plant. While your visitors may appreciate entry into your home should you be out, criminals count on your generosity. Never keep a spare key outside of your home. If necessary, have a neighbour hold a copy of your key and have your visitors ask them for it instead of placing it under a welcome mat.

One of the most effective ways to thwart a smart criminal is to never post your name on your mailbox. A burglar can call information to get your phone number based upon your name and address. They do this to see if you answer. If after several attempts at various times of the day you do not answer, they can safely assume your not home. Of course, never leave information about your vacation on your voicemail outgoing message. Don’t ever say, ìThis is the Harrison’s, were out enjoying a week in Bali, you’ll have fun with the snow!î This is a bad idea.

Lastly, after you’ve opened all your presents, don’t put these boxes by the roadway. Rather, break them down and place them into trash bags. Boxes showcasing what gifts you received is just begging a criminal to break into your home.

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